Sunday, May 22, 2005


Time to go racing!

This coming weekend kicks off our season of sports car racing! I'll be driving the Hodgson Heating & Cooling Spec Miata at Grattan Raceway (near Rockford, MI) for a 2 day event. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by, I can always use crew!


Sore...but a good kind of sore!

What a great day we had yesterday! 199 of our closest friends showed to be part of KAZOOM's Miatas & More V presented by Hayes Mazda. It was a car show, a banquet, a back road tour, an autocross and a lot of fun. The weather was perfect: Sunny & 78 and everyone had a wonderful experience. Watch for photos at our club website:

Now...I need a nap!

Friday, May 13, 2005



OK, I'm on the morning show at Rock 107 WIRX and the other guy on the show, Kluck, had this POS '89 Lincoln Town Car that had no business being on the road. So this morning, we drained it of fluids, ran the engine until it blew a connecting rod through the block and then crushed it in a portable car crusher. Click the title above for the photographs!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


John Hammer, Voice Over Genius

My voiceover demo is now available online. Just click the title above & you'll be directed to your choice of a streaming file or a downloadable .mp3.

Click, listen, sell! With John Hammer & BigMouthAudio, it's that easy!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


John Hammer, Creative Director

Twenty years. Two decades. It's been a long time, but a great ride. I'm an accomplished broadcaster, writer and producer. Get all the details by clicking the title above to download my broadcast resume.


John Hammer, Motorsports Broadcaster

I've been a broadcaster for 2 decades, I've been a car guy for just as long. Not many folks get to combine two things they love so much, but I am blessed to be one.

I am available to announce, broadcast and consult your motorsports program. Simply click the title for my motorsports resume.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ya'll want sweet tea with that?!

Well Julie & I went to Charlotte, North Carolina last week. A long weekend to go hang with Steve & Tina who moved there a couple years ago. It's so beautiful there! Plus, we saw the birthplace of Dale Earnhardt...creepy to see the rednecks & mullets! Everywhere!


Way too cool!

I've been converted into a South Park character! Check me out!

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