Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Shaken...not stirred!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Mazda Miata...NOT a wimp car!

There are 2 new TV commercials for Mazda's completly redesigned MX-5 Miata roadster. At this time, they're not released for the USA, but thanks to the internet, you can watch them here! Just click the headline link & enjoy the show.

BTW, the SpecMiata is anxiously awaiting it's debut on Southern soil...stay tuned for details there!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Long time, no see!

I know, I know, I's been too long since I updated here. Please, a thousand pardons, oh wise one!

So what's been up? Well, I'm getting settled in North Carolina now. I've learned that while Grits is served with nearly every meal as a plebian side dish, Shrimp And Grits is a VERY classy meal served in the nicest restaurants. Hmmmph.

My company, has a brand new website. Go to and you'll see what I've been up to there. To be honest, I've been posting blogs there lately since I'm trying to LOOK like a real business (I am, silly!).

What about the racecar? Well, it's here with me in the shop and I do plan on getting out and running a couple of events this year. The racing budget is getting eaten up quickly since we've not yet sold the house in Michigan. Hell, my entire season's budget is just 2 months' payments on that albatross so you can see how I'm limited. I'll keep you posted though.

Speaking of Michigan...I'm heading back up there in a couple of weeks. Looks like May 10th now, but that could change again, too. I still have to get my Miata out of storage & bring it down here so I'll fly in, hang for a couple of days and then drive it home to NC.

If you're still reading this: know that I'm keeping my Michigan phone number for the time being so you can call me anytime.

You're certainly missed, but when you come visit, you'll see why Charlotte is THE place to be!

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