Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ultrasound pics. Yep, that's his penis!

Check it out: we've got pics. And, he's got a penis. And he likes to show it.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Her pants were hermetically sealed to her ass!

So, I'm having dinner at Applebees last night. Burger, beer, nothing fancy (as if there's an expectation of "fancy" at Applebees!). Turns out the waiter is also originally from Michigan so we swap a few laughs back & forth.

Then she appears.

This waitress is tall, damn close to 6 feet, I'd bet. Freakishly thin arms. A waist to make Mary-Kate Olsen jealous. Dye-job blonde hair, short. Far too tan.

And the pants.

I didn't even notice them the first few times she walked past. It wasn't until she took the drink order from the 2 girls at the table next to us when she stopped there & had her hind-end at table height from us. That's when I saw it: the pants went squarely UP her ass-crack. Painted on. Hermetically sealed against her anus.

For the rest of dinner, all we could do was stare at her each time she walked past: ass snugly encased in black pants so tight that there MUST have been Camel Toe from the front. Really, that's what we got from our angle: a Reverse Camel Toe.

As we were cashing out our check with the waiter from Michigan, I made a comment to him about her. "I know you've looked...we did too...those PANTS of hers!" He paused, smirked, looked around to check if he was safe then said...

"She's a stripper."

We cracked up rolling over on each other it was so funny! Of COURSE she's a stripper. And apparently, judging by the fact that she's working at Applebees on a Wednesday evening, not a particularly GOOD stripper at that.

But those pants. Damn!

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