Thursday, September 16, 2004


No no no...I wanted a drink in a tall glass with fruit!

My buddy Scott Adams is a personality on Hot 104 in Mobile, Alabama...right where Hurricane Ivan came to shore this morning. Here's his note to me (complete with California edits!)

Yo f*cker!!!

What a crazy 24 hrs. I never want to hear anyone b!tch about Michigan weather ever again!!!!! Mobile is okay. Trees, and powerlines down. East side of town going to, and including pensacola is f*cked up bad. Our transmitter tower got snapped in half. It's in four pieces in a field and half buried in mud. We'll be off for awhile. We're not the only, urban/WBLX, Hot AC/WJXQ, and NBC TV affil. WPMI were all on the same tower. Anyhoo, gotta run....heard there's a Subway open running on generator, and a hot meal would be nice. Gotta go check on my house, too. Been at the radio station for the past 24 hrs. It's all good here. Got large generators that can go for days. So, we're able to keep the beer cold! :-)

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