Monday, October 25, 2004


Helluva Weekend...

Saturday was the "British Car Show & Go" at Gingerman Raceway here in West Michigan. I was one of the instructors for our students...showing them the proper way around the track and how to reach the limits of their cars in a safe, controlled location. Of course, Mother Nature wanted to be part of the day too so it POURED rain much of the day. Be honest with you: it was a lot of fun driving in the wet. I spent some quality time in a 300+ horsepower Mitsubishi Evolution, all wheel drive, big brakes, big turbo...and drifted the thing perfectly through the wet...what a rush!

Mom came to visit on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. She's big into local art fairs & such...and found an artist with a racecar print that she had customized with my racecar's name (Jethro...with the "e" backwards!). Pretty neat piece.

Also...I've got word from Mark Albert from WWMT in Kalamazoo. My ugly mug will be on TV on Thursday, November 4th in the 11pm newscast. Mark did a story on "Blogs": who does it, why, will it last, etc... It was fun to be on TV and I'm sure he'll do a great job editing and producing the package. I'll try & get it on tape to post on the net.

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