Monday, October 04, 2004


So much to do in a 3 day work week!

Cripe, I'm SORE today! We worked on a bunch of cars for KAZOOM's Brake Job Tech Day yesterday, saving a load of cash for our club members. But rolling around on the ground doesn't do much for my shoulders.

I autocrossed my Spec Miata racecar on Saturday: I was the winner in D Street Prepared and only 1.5 seconds off the Fastest Time of the Day!

Congratulations to my good friend Mandi Snyder (now Mandi Keady) on her marriage to Mark on Saturday. Actually, they work together at the stations I used to work for; She's a sales rep for WKFR and Mark's alias is Jay Deacon, the afternoon host on WRKR. Great party: a huge burrito bar and a Mariachi band played!

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