Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Shhhh...don't tell my insurance guy!

So I went to court yesterday.

Here's the deal, the cop claims he clocked me at 79 in a 60 Construction Zone. OUCH! He was hidden behind a bridge abutment just past the speed change from 70 to 60. In any event, I figured I may as well go fight it...I've got nothing to loose. Well, Officer Gillespe showed up, we each told our side of the story to the magistrate and we found a comprimise. What would have been a BIG fine and 5 POINTS (yikes!) is a much smaller fine and only 3 points. The irony: as we're leaving the court, the officer says to me that you could actually kill someone with your car and not get 5 points on your record. Sheesh!

I still think it's a scam, they had at least 3 officers running a sting in that 1/2 mile long area that day (I was pulled over RIGHT BEHIND another car that was pulled over!). And then they have the nerve to say it's about "enforcement, not revenue generation."

That's Bullshit.

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