Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Sorry it's been a while...

I suppose it's time to give an update...been a big week with the Holiday in there.

Spent most of Thanksgiving on the road seeing family in Detroit. The night prior we had a huge snowstorm that really screwed the roads so travel was tricky to say the least.

Had lunch with Jessica (in from Oregon), Lisa and Stacey (who's ready to burst!). Julie & I met them at The Union in Kalamazoo. Nice place. Get the homemade potato chips.

Back to work on Monday was nice actually, good to get back in the grind. Does that make sense to you? There's some comfort in my daily routine and I started to miss it after 4 days off.

Hoping to see The Producers tonight and B.B. King on Saturday. Friday evening is my company holiday party too...always lots of great food (as if I need anymore...Santa, you need a stand in?)

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