Thursday, November 04, 2004


Tonight's the night!

REVISION: I've been bumped! I just got word from Mark at Channel 3 that it's moving to Friday night's 11pm news. You'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Tune your televisions to WWMT Channel 3 in Kalamazoo for this evening's 11pm newscast. Remember back on my birthday, reporter Mark Albert came to talk with me about this whole "Blogosphere" we're in... I gave my opinions, they shot video & the whole deal is supposed to air tonight.

If you happen to tape it and can convert it to a video file, I'd love to have a copy to upload.

Television: yet another media that I am off to dominate!

Did you see that they used more of your interview during the 6 o'clock tease than they did during the 11 o'clock feature?! Geez...television!

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