Sunday, December 12, 2004's for real!

The joke is that nearly 2 decades of contraception was money well spent...we're fertile...and now we're PREGNANT! Julie & I are expecting a child this coming, how about that?!

I have to admit, it's pretty scary. Last night we had a party at a friend's home (the Fricke's for those of you in the know). Our friends Stacey and Mike were there with their 9 day old daughter. Yes, I held her (the baby, not Stacey!). What really got me was when Sierra (the baby, not Mom!) sucked the tip of my finger. It was's the baby's instinct for feeding and one taught her to suck like that. I know, you're expecting some sort of a cheezy "suckling" joke from me here, but I'm being honest (if only once in my life!).

I have no doubt that Julie will be an incredible mother...and I have no doubt that I'm going to be terrified of being a father ;)

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