Saturday, January 15, 2005


How cold is it?

It's so cold that they cancelled our Snocross race this weekend. Now think about this for a moment: our racers have the warmest cold weather gear, their entire sport is based around being outside in the winter...and our folks have (smartly) decided that this is too cold even for us. Weekend hi's are expected to barely creep above Zero.

Instead, I'm going to hang out on my couch watching TV...perhaps with a nice hot cup of cocoa or some soup. If it's that chilly indoors...I'll turn up the thermostat. LOL

Hey John, we are going to be in MI 22 thru 27 up in Montague, really not looking forward to the snow and cold, but Grandson is getting married, so have to be there. Thus far here in middle GA it has been almost like spring until today. Sounds like the race folks are turning into wimps.

Ken Cloud
A Miata friend from Warner Robins GA.
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