Thursday, January 20, 2005


So you wanna be on TV huh?

In Jon Stewart's new book, he's got a formula to come up with your TV name. Have fun!

Anchorman (recommended formula: one syllable type of construction material + breed of horse)
- Brick Shetland
- Chip Clydesdale
- Stone Winchester
- Wood Lippizaner

Sportscaster/Weatherman (recommended formula: one syllable kitchen related verb + nonsensical multi syllable compound)
- Flip Greencat
- Dash Sledboat
- Slice Carhat
- Squirt Mudbottom

Women (recommended formula: regular first name with pretentious misspelling + alliterative surname that sounds like a first name)
- Daran Davids
- Mikhaela Michaels
- Larra Leslees
- Jennn Johnnnson

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