Monday, January 03, 2005


There are days when I wish I was still on the Radio!

So I get home tonight & Julie shows me her latest issue of a gossip mag (People? EW?) It's got a shot of Mary Kate Olson (fresh out of a Binge & Purge rehab) with a woman identified as her "Eating Coach." EATING COACH? DAMMMMMMM...and...this "coach" is....FAT! Holy shit! It's another opportunity for income...I'm not a Fatass...I'm an Eating Coach.

But wait...there's more...

In response to the Tsunami stories, NBC shows a story on Oregon's of the places in America that could be hit by one. They have an escape program with street signs and everything...there's even a public siren system...but because the neighbors feared panic from tourists with a "traditional" alarm...they used something's a tweaked Cow Mooooo. HONEST! They played it on TV...and I'm in tears laughing so hard.

Yeah, the only problem they have with it is they don't know what tourists who aren't familiar with it will do if they hear it. So it could be good and bad considering the coast is pretty much all tourists. I mean, if you heard a giant cow, I would bet you wouldn't be running for the hills ... you'd probably be reevaluating your liquor intake!
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