Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm the BEST in the STATE!

Well, what a day I've had. We got word this morning that the Michigan Association of Broadcasters had awarded their annual Broadcast Excellence Awards...and that we'd done pretty well. There's an understatement! WSJM, our News / Talk station was the MAB's 2004 Station Of The Year and it looks like we're going to repeat for a second year!

Our news department won 6 awards for their coverage of various stories.

I did pretty damn well too:

Radio Commercials:
Best Commercial: Little Wonders Learning Center "Raging Terror"
Merit Award: Best Way Disposal "Pretty Stinkin' Innovative"

Marketing Materials/Promo:
Best: WSJM Year In Review Promo

Yep, I wrote & produced THREE award winning pieces this year! What? Is my ego HUGE? Hey, it ain't braggin' if you can back it up!

Ok, Ok...Let me have the thrill for today, it'll be back to the grind soon, but for now, I'm pretty freakin' proud of myself & my friends here at the radio stations!

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