Friday, March 25, 2005


Yesterday was my boss' why should I care? Read this & you'll see why I love this industry!

Thanks to all of you who sent a birthday greeting today, whether in person, online or on the several cards that turned up on my desk. Your thoughts and best wishes are much appreciated!

I've decided I'm going to just keep turning 49 as long as I'm in Radio! (This was the 5th time...) This business has a way of keeping people young--at least between their EARS. (...don't even go there!!)

Working with all of you is a privilege and an honor. Seeing people grow and develop in every department, entertaining & informing the audience, getting results for clients and impacting our community are truly gifts that many business owners never have a chance to enjoy. Because of your hard work, I see those things every week.

I'm very lucky! I hope I NEVER grow up...and have to get a REAL job. And I hope YOU don't either.

Thanks again!


Gayle Olson
President - General Mgr
Mid-West Family Broadcasting of SW Michigan
580 E. Napier, Benton Harbor, MI 49022

The Radio Stations of Michigan's Great SW

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