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When Top 10 is as good as a victory

May 31, 2005

John Hammer and the Hodgson Heating & Cooling, BigMouthAudio Spec Miata opened the race season with an exciting weekend at the West Michigan Region SCCA Memorial Day Circus Double Regional. It wasn't a victory, but for the team, just being there is a win.

"I have to tell you, it's been a dream come true to be on the track with the rest of these guys" says Hammer, starting this third season in the Sports Car Club of America's Club Racing program. "To think, just a few years ago I was dreaming of owning fireproof underpants and now, here I am with a legitimate reason to wear them!"

Each day of the Double Regional is treated as it's own race, with qualifying and race sessions Saturday and Sunday. This was only the third time the team had raced at Grattan Raceway so Saturday was essentially a test day. Still, the race group included nearly 45 cars on track with nonstop action for the entire time! Hammer says "Think of rush hour traffic on, imagine it at 100
miles per hour as all 45 cars are trying to be the first into a right hand turn with just inches separating was WILD!"

On Sunday, the team watched the sky as threatening clouds drenched the area just North of the track, but the racing surface stayed dry and the speeds increased. In fact, the new track records set on Saturday would only have gotten you 3rd
place on Sunday. Hammer's times dropped as well and the race began with him in a 3 way battle for position. After making those 2 passes, the 08 Spec Miata was on it's way to a 9th place finish. "I want to thank Hodgson Heating & Cooling, Tim Dowling and my wife Julie for their help this weekend!"

"While most folks spent the weekend watching Formula 1, the Indy 500 or the NASCAR race, I actually WAS racing. No, I didn't take the checkered flag first, but with help from my friends, I have already won."

Follow the team's action all season long. Up next: Father's Day Weekend at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI.

John Hammer drives the Hodgson Heating & Cooling, BigMouthAudio, Spec Miata in the Sports Car Club of America's Club Racing series. He is a radio personality and motorsports journalist. For information on the team, appearances and sponsorship opportunities, send an email to

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