Monday, November 28, 2005


Rest in peace, Dave Mulder

I just got word this morning that a fellow racer and neighbor, Dave Mulder, passed away over the holiday weekend. Dave apparently had a heart attack, although details are thin at this point. He was a member of the Furrin Group, an autocross and rally club I've belonged to for many years. Not too long ago, Dave and his family moved into the home at the end of my street: right there in my cul de sac, just 4 houses down from me. He stopped my wife one day and asked "Is this John Hammer's house?" because he recognized my truck from club events.

He was in my driveway just days ago, talking about how we should go to the Sno Drift Rally together in January. He was always trying to get me to a rally.

He'll be missed for sure, both in our racing community and on my street.

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