Sunday, November 20, 2005


Turkey & Turkeys

Coming up on Thanksgiving...hmmmm... Glad I don't have to cook a turkey this year. I really enjoy cooking, but there's something too stressful about doing a full Thanksgiving meal. It takes something that I enjoy and turns it into an irritating performance. Ironic since my career is a "performance" of sorts and I embrace that.

Speaking of performances... I'm really disappointed in my buddy Warren, he was our morning host at our rock station. I say he "was" because while he'd turned in his 2 weeks notice, he decided to up & quit on us after just 1 week. So, this coming week we're left hanging with no morning show. That's where I come in. I got the call from our Program Director on Saturday asking if I could fill in this week. Well, I'm not stupid, sure I will. I've said it before, I'd say it again: if the right opportunity came along, I'd go back on the air in a heartbeat. So, I'll be up at the asscrack of dawn on Monday...if you're in the area, check me out on Rock 107 WIRX!

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