Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well, first there's horoscope, now there's my "Personality Type"

Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judger (ENFJ) personality commonly referred to as "The Growth Teacher"

ENFJ general

There is usually one thing on you mind: relationships. Your ability to create and sustain meaningful and loving relationships is an integral part of your happiness, or lack thereof. Whether you are dealing with people on a business, friendship, family, or romantic level, you place a great value on developing quality relationships and making sure they are always improving.

ENFJ when in love

As an Extraverted Feeler, you absolutely love to communicate with your mate-verbally expressing feelings of affection and tenderness and discovering what your partner really values. You also tend to have a consuming desire to spend time with your soul mate; you can barely stand it when he or she is away. Although you probably have many friends, you want to include your mate in you social life as much as possible. The danger: Your 100 percent emotional investment in you love one may leave you feeling overextended-lacking the energy to take care of your own needs because you are so busy taking care of your lover’s.

ENFJ where to meet

Where can you meet a Growth Teacher? You can find the Growth Teacher in leadership positions in business, teaching, and government. They have terrific social skills and are easy to approach.

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