Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Expanding The Pit Crew!

Expanding the Pit Crew!

July 16, 2006
Mooresville, NC

As the BigMouthAudio.com racecar tears up the track, other action has BMA's Creative Director John Hammer expanding his "Pit Crew."

"Julie & I are proud to announce that we are expecting a son this coming January!" said an excited, but nervous, Hammer. "Did you know the "average" child wears over 9,000 diapers in his first 2&1/2 years! Uhhhh, I've never changed ONE!"

Modern ultrasound technology shows that Baby Hammer shares his father's penchant for performance driving as well:

You're welcome to send mass quantities of Pampers to Julie and bottles of Single Malt Scotch to the uptight father to be.

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