Sunday, November 12, 2006


NASCAR History Tour

Saturday was stunning here in North Carolina. Sunny & 75. A warm breeze calling us to the open road.

Jules & I dropped the top on the Miata and headed from the Piedmont (the "flat" area of the state where we live; the Charlotte area) and went up through the Foothills (rolling hills) to the Mountains (if you need an explanation of that...). In about an hour, we were joining up with the Blue Ridge Parkway and got some great seat time in. Check out these pics...

On our way home, we drove through Wilkesboro, NC, home of the legendary North Wilkesboro Speedway, scene of countless NASCAR duels dating back to 1947. The final NASCAR race was held there in September of 1996.

The track has fallen into a sad state of dis-repair. Paint is peeling. The grounds are littered with un-raked leaves (it's Fall now). It simply feels old and abandoned. I got to drive up to the edge of the track and snap a few photos through the fence. In fact, that's what is blocking a portion of the one shot as I tried to put the camera through the chain links.

There is now a group of fans who are trying their best to save the old girl. You can see their work at Despite the shape of the track, it was pretty neat to see her and to drive along "Speedway Road" thinking how many times Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt & others drove that same winding path to this legendary track.

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